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New FFIEC supplement guidelines summary here.

iDoc Safe, a Triple-safe cloud-based virtual flash drive Launched.

Finance and E-Commerce

Our patented next generation solutions prevent fraud from online social engineering (phishing), key loggers, screen dumps and various other sophisticated methods.Your customers need not carry any devices nor install any software for secure online transactions with you.

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Welcome to Truesigna

Truesigna Systems Inc. provides a family of unique new patented ( US 8112817, 8327420 ) security solutions for online account access that eliminate the possibility of stolen passwords through hacking, phishing, and other forms of fraud.  Our flagship product, the Truesigna Authentication Server (TAS) retains the simplicity and convenience of existing password technologies while providing more robust and secure authentication.  Easily deployed by financial services organizations, government agencies, and corporations in virtually every industry, we take the fear out of accessing end user accounts and other highly secure data.

Benefits with our next generation eco-friendly leap-frog technology include:

  • Enhanced security and prevention of fraud for pennies on dollar with our convenient and easy-to-use technology
  • Scalable and easily deployed solution for mass-roll out and with a payback period less than a year

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Truesigna offers cost effective  password-less single sign on (SSO) solutions for your enterprise. Protecting your intellectual property and secure confidential documents  is the key for maintaining your competitive advantage.

Truesigna's convenient and robust secure solutions typically payback within a year.

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Truesigna Services

Truesigna Systems inc. offers turnkey solutions bringing out next-generation security and compliance practices that make it easy for both the operators and end-users to follow and implement safe practices. Our products enable to be eco-friendly and implement Green-IT solutions. Be it FFIEC or HIPAA or any compliance standard, Truesigna 's solutions take the fear of hacked and stolen passwords and exceeds the standards when it comes to cyber security. Our leap-frog technology enables finer access control to your critical resources. Our team is on stand-by to explore and customize solutions to your needs.



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