In this digital-age, there needs to be a balance between convenience and safety when it comes to security. End-users are often overwhelmed with the sheer number of options and practices that they are forced to comply with, by the institutions they are associated with. As a result, often the users find easy ways to bypass such practices that defeat the purpose of safe practices very much in the first place.Truesigna 's unique approach, aligns with the philosophy of "teach fishing to solve hunger rather provide fish", elegantly embeds safe practices with its next-generation technology. Our proprietary technology quickly enables enhanced security as a turn-key solution across all market verticals.

Finance and E-Commerce
Truesigna 's innovative solutions help finance and e-commerce institutions combat several types of attacks including Phishing on their consumers and can offer a worry-free secure online transactions. Besides secure transactions, Truesigna offers several support for several offline or near real-time fraud detection. Our solution removes the hassles of carrying devices or installing any software on client's device while at the same time offering orders of magnitude improved security over existing password technologies.

Enterprises often benefit in increased productivity with single sign on to their internal applications such as access to E-mail, HR portal, work-flow documents/resource, employee's 401K account access, business trip booking and approvals and so on. As such it would be cumbersome to maintain passwords or tokens (one time passwords) either in form of software or hardware tokens that are expensive to maintain. Truesigna 's solution for enterprise markets removes the hassles of maintaining passwords and at the same time offer very cost-effective solution for enhanced security.  It takes out the worry of "one master password compromise opens all the doors" for the administrators.

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